Creative core logo for workshop and events by ryyabread.comOur lives are experienced through our bodies, and there is a direct link between our bodies and our creativity

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Dr RyyA.Bread© is a ‘CreativeCore practitioner’ who has over 25 years of informed, active, investment in the arts across a range of contexts; complemented by a long-term commitment to understanding and promoting personal health and well being.

Her CreativeCore practice combines these interests to offer a unique, integrated approach to self-expression, artistic production and enhanced living skills.

Her CreativeCore service provides insight and support to anyone seeking more creative clarity in their personal lives and/or professional work – no particular talent, skill or specific aims are necessary to start this creative process.


The deeper we understand our lived bodies, and the choices we make about them, the more access we have to our creativity.


The more we strengthen our creative capacity the more we can use it to enhance our relationship with our body and through it the world around us.

Start strengthening your CreativeCore today – and let your creative core take you from strength to strength in every area of your life!

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Dr RyyA. Bread, phd offers her CreativeCore services in workshops and private sessions, with individuals and small groups. Beneficial for artists, writers, performers and anyone interested in healthy, productive, creative expression and artful acts of daily living.

Be actively inspired, unblocked and expressive

Maximise your time for being creative and productive

Deepen your understanding of your own creative process and professional practice

Establish a personalised creative approach to a wide range of concerns related to both creativity and your daily life.

The approach is client-centred, personalised, positive, action based, forward looking, directive, structured, challenging, and fun. Combining body awareness and mindfulness techniques with simple art making, writing and movement methods. The exercises and activities are designed to help individuals identify and explore personal associations, meaning and means to move forward in your creative life.

Explore the depths of your CreativeCore and play with your possibilities!


CONTACT ME for more information.

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