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Dr RyyA.Bread©, PhD - CreativeCore Practitioner

Born on the West coast of USA and raised on the East
Resident of Cornwall, UK since 1993

Education defined by several alternative learning environments that all emphasised creatively playful, expressive, and later rigorous, approaches to knowledge and understanding; with opportunities for mainstream educational comparisons along the way... and the accumulated experience of living daily life.

Higher education: Undergraduate (Hampshire College, MA USA 1988 – 1991), post graduate (MA with Distinction – Falmouth College of Art, UK 1993-1996) and doctoral studies (Falmouth College of Art, UK 1997-2001) have all been concerned with the definition of ‘Self’ in relation to the arts – the dynamics between the body, the surrounding environments and the ways this is expressed and understood across academic disciplines, artistic mediums and creative contexts.


My formal arts training has provided me with a language to communicate and collaborate with other artists and appreciate processes of making. My academic achievements equip me with historical frameworks and theoretical understanding that I have integrated with artistic practice at the doctoral level into an ‘embodied methodology’. I have subsequently supervised doctoral research on the strength of my interdisciplinary methodological understanding (SMARTlab Research Institute). Over twelve years working in commercial galleries in Cornwall UK has sensitised me further to the motivations, values and interests that surround and support artistic production and creative living.


My academic interests emphasised a critical examination of feminist psychoanalytic frameworks that focused on 'the lived body' in relation to concepts of creativity, identity and textual production – outside of a therapeutic context.  I have additional training in drug/alcohol education; with related experience with young offenders, adults in recovery and suffering from mental illness. My training in light-touch acupressure and other mindfulness and body-awareness techniques has heightened my appreciation of the body and its significance to lived experience and making meaning. My personal post-doctoral exploration of physical and expressive movement and voice development, through many forms, has expanded the interdisciplinary repertoire of my 'embodied methodology' beyond fine arts and practice based -research. Emerging from this myriad of activities is a cultivation of ‘practice’ for its own sake – regardless of technique or talent; and a deeper interest in community involvement and collaborative life learning.

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