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Weekly workshop series

Drawing of blue rose with empty coffee cup and art supplies from CreativeCore workshop at Espressini with Dr RyyA Bread phd by ryyabread.com

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This weekly format offers a regular time in your daily life to focus on strengthening your creativity. These 2-hour sessions provide short bursts of exercises to inspire you and offer gestures toward directions that you may want to explore and develop further in your own work; rather than long, involved making sessions.

A balance between many different modalities is aimed for in every session however movement exercises are limited in this workshop series due to the abundance of wonderful seasoned wooden chairs and tables that provide fantastic surfaces for more drawing and writing activities but afford little space to move freely.

You have the opportunity to discuss your experience of the session with the group and use anything that you have made as examples of your comments but there is no pressure or expectation to show your work or share beyond what you feel you want to contribute.

Each session is designed to be a one-off experience that can stand alone so that you can start anytime and miss sessions if necessary. However, the intention is that there is a valuable accumulative experience and impact on offer if you regularly attend the sessions.

The workshop will have a set format each week:

  • 30 min: Opening – sign-in; pay for the session; warm-up exercise(s);
  • 60 min: Body of the Session – 1 hour of activity, comprised of exercises in a range of modalities around a specific theme
  • 30 min: Closure – group discussion of the session; ‘Reflection’ exercise; final thoughts; option to sign-up for next week.

The structured nature of the workshops does not include ‘breaks’ or ‘chat’ time but you are encouraged to arrive early and stay a bit longer after sessions for this.

Materials are provided for the exercises and included in the cost of the workshop.
Please bring a pen to write with and wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes.
Sheets of A4 paper will be provided to write on. If you use a journal already you may wish to you bring it.
You may want to consider starting a dedicated journal for the workshop series.
You may also want to consider getting an A3 portfolio case for the work produced during the series.

CONTACT ME for more information.

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