A daily blog detailing the reflective process of Dr RyyA. Bread's Creative Core project 'Knitting Time' (2016)


This is a CreativeCore project I was inspired to start during the course of my annual visit to NY this winter.
Knitting Time is about intention, time, colour and knitting... as a starting point for reflection on creative practice and artful living.

Each day I will knit for as much time as I can give to the activity in a colour of yarn that corresponds with my own personal colour coding of the days of the week. At the end of every 7 days (Monday – Sunday) I will cast off, to start a new one the following day. These individual pieces within the project are referred to as 
Time Pieces.

The first phase of this project will take the year to complete (1 Jan - 31 Dec 2016)– at which time I hope to have 52 Time Pieces. This blog is a record of the process and other projects that are born out of this activity.

This is a current, simple example of my personal CreativeCore practice, which has been slowly evolving for over two decades and spans many academic, artistic and artful living contexts.

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