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'Salone Di Limone' series by RyyA Bread (2015) for CreativeCore Full-day Retreat workshop series by ryyabread.com

Full-day retreat workshop series

Salone Di Limone, Falmouth Cornwall


Based in a grand Georgian house overlooking the River Fal in Falmouth near the Greenbank, it is the perfect venue to offer extended full-day CreativeCore retreats in Falmouth, Cornwall UK.

2016 dates yet to be set

These full-day workshop ‘retreats’ offer a spacious, comfortable, safe environment to immerse yourself in your creativity. They allow for longer exercise durations and deeper exploration into the value and significance of the CreativeCore approach. The upstairs ‘salon’ is a large, light and spacious room ideal for movement and body awareness exercises. The large front room on the ground floor offers another comfortable area to work. The kitchen is not only equipped to be able to provide a light lunch and other refreshments, but it offers an additional eating and work area for the day.

Lunch will be vegetarian, please bring any further specific dietary items for yourself that you may require for the day.
Materials are provided for the exercises and included in the cost of the workshop.
Please bring a pen to write with and wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes.
Sheets of A4 paper will be provided to write on. If you use a journal already you may wish to you bring it.

CONTACT ME for more information.

You can book a ticket for this workshop using the calendar below by selecting the date you wish to come. Alternatively visit my CALENDAR & BOOKINGS page.

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