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colourful paper collage artwork titled 'Discs' from dr ryya bread's Creative Core practice by ryyabread.comPrivate Sessions

Individual one-to-one sessions offer very personalised attention and guidance through your own creative process. The length, duration and focus of the CreativeCore individual work are determined by the needs and interest of each individual. A one-hour free consultation is available at the onset to discuss these and establish an initial programme of exploration.

CreativeCore exercises

Creative Core private session using time based writing and drawing exercise with personal object with Dr RyyA Bread, phd by ryyabread.com

The exercises from the workshops are available in one-to-one sessions and can be tailored to suit your interests in terms of modalities, medium and emphasis. One-to-one work with the exercises offers an opportunity to spend time with each exercise in relation to your existing creative practice, and emerging creative insights and intentions. The exercises serve as a useful starting point to develop your personal path of exploration. They also provide ‘formal’ interventions into an established creative practice to shift perspectives and broaden your own understanding within it.

The exercises can work in conjunction with other CreativeCore individual services:

Specific Projects and Bodies of Work: Focused time to develop and reflect on new or specific work and reflect on its relationship to previous phases and stated aims and objectives.

Self-awareness and identity:
Both personal and professional – whether you consider yourself an artist, or simply want to allow time and space to freely express yourself through various modalities, an in-depth exploration into your sense of self and the significance of this for you when interacting with others and promoting your work.

The time/space continuum

Creative Core private session sorting and archiving art practice images in box with Dr RyyA Bread by ryyabread.com

For many creative people establishing a meaningful system of order within the making environment can be overwhelming. Physical Space – studios, offices and home environments where creative work and play occur require a sensitive appreciation of the intentions and efforts that are taking place so as to best store, access and manage the production process. This can also extend to Virtual Space - facilitating personal strategies for websites, social media, file management, and digital images in relation to your ‘hardcopy’ and ‘analogue’ material.

Clearing, sorting, archiving and cataloging

A guiding hand to hold, and someone to witness the decisions that you make, can often serve as a powerful motivating and clarifying force to the task at hand.

Along with assisting in physical or virtual spaces, a deep reflective process can also be applied to how, when and why these spaces are significant for you in order to help you establish effective working habits that take into account the many facets of your life, relationships and other commitments. This can also include looking at daily routines for optimal creativity and well-being.

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torn collage of blue paper for ryyabread.com creative core servicesPrivate group sessions

Creative Core private group session movement exercise with balloons with Dr RyyA Bread, phd by ryyabread.com

Private sessions for small groups can offer the same services as individual sessions for collaborators and teams who work together. These sessions can explore the individual roles and working relationships, alongside the making process. This can be very useful to appreciating how these factors are significant to the work being made.

Private sessions for groups can also just be about having fun and relaxing in an expansive way – get a group of friends together and have a guided, structured opportunity to play with self-expression in a casual and social atmosphere. No pressure to make masterpieces – no particular skills, talent or experience necessary. The emphasis is on the process of making and enjoying a chance to reflect on the things that are important to you in your life.

Make a party out of this activity for special commemorations, birthdays and celebrations.

Create an opportunity out of this activity to spend quality time with people that you care about, in a healthy, hearty…and ‘art-y’ way.

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