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Surya Yoga Camp, Nr Falmouth Cornwall

Photo of people doing yoga at Surya Yoga Camp where CreativeCore workshops will be held in May 2015 as Special Event by ryyabread.com

Surya Yoga Camp is a unique yoga retreat that takes place at Chyan Cultural Centre near Falmouth, Cornwall UK every year (www.surya.org.uk).

This beautiful 11-acre site of Cornish countryside is host to a week of camping, yoga and related holistic activities during the annual Surya yoga family-orientated gathering. Surya Yoga Camp brings together many different yoga disciplines and teachers from far and wide; as well as local yoga practitioners and other related practices in movement and the arts.

Dr RyyA Bread will be offering CreativeCore workshops during the week, as part of the larger programme of related activities to compliment the yoga classes. Using simple writing, drawing, body-awareness and mindfulness exercises, these two sessions will explore the relationship between yoga and the other aspects of your life – how you integrate your practice into your daily living and what your practice means for you.

A minimum purchase of a full-day ticket (£33 per adult) will enable you to enjoy any of the sessions on offer for the day – including the CreativeCore workshops. Anyone specifically interested in attending these can contact me for more information about the schedule.

Buy a ticket for a day, a few days or the whole week and take advantage of all that Surya has to offer.

CONTACT ME for more information. Visit www.surya.org.uk to book your place.

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