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Amity Gallery, Warwick N.Y.

Amity Arts, Florida N.Y. (www.amityarts.com) is usually host to annual full-day ‘retreat’ workshops in January.

But this year, 2017, a five day workshop series will be held instead at the Amity Gallery, Amity N.Y. (see website here) from Monday 9th January through Friday 13th January: 10:30am - 12:30pm daily.


Crafting Compassionate Living at Amity Gallery, Amity, N.Y.

Monday 9th - Friday 13th January, 10:30am - 12:30pm daily

5 x morning sessions: $30 per session or $130 for the week

A continuous, progressive series of sessions; inviting a rich dialogue and leading toward a greater understanding of one’s individual relationships with self and others; as well as the completion of a sock doll at the end of the week for those who

attend all five sessions. A commitment to all five sessions is optional but optimal.

To book a place contact RyyA on 707-236-5775 / ryyabread@hotmail.com

Please bring a pen to write with and wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes.Sheets of  paper will be provided to write on. If you use a journal already you may wish to you bring it.

Other materials to bring include: clean socks and a selection of scrap fabrics and felt; yarns; needles (including large eyed yarn needles); cotton threads; embroidery threads; sequins, buttons and other bric-a-brac and scissors.


CONTACT ME for more information.

You can book a ticket for this workshop using the calendar below by selecting the date you wish to come. Alternatively visit my CALENDAR & BOOKINGS page.

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Detail of still life construction by Dr RyyA Bread 2015 with wooden house stones clay map of USA with California in blue used to promote CreativeCore workshops in California 2015 by ryyabread.com

Dr RyyA Bread phd will be in California in December 2017.

No workshops are planned at this time.

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