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Dr RyyA Bread's workshop sessions range in format from two hour sessions to full day, and longer ‘retreats’ in select venues in the UK and both coasts of the USA. The different lengths of the workshops, and the specific venues, dictate the scope and level of exploration that is on offer in any particular CreativeCore session.

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Focusing on your creativity

CreativeCore colour tissue exercise from full day retreat at Amity Arts Workshop NY with Dr RyyA Bread phd by ryyabread.com

All of the CreativeCore workshop formats offer a designated, structured time and space to focus on your creativity. The sessions explore the relationship between words, images, your lived experience of being in your body and your sense of self. They are focused on providing techniques and opportunities to understand your individual approach to your creativity and how it intersects and is integrated with your daily life. These workshops are open and useful for anyone interested in healthy, productive, creative expression and artful acts of living. They are particularly relevant for visual artists, writers and those using movement and their bodies in their creative work or daily intentional practice.

No particular talent, skill or specific aims are necessary… just willingness to engage

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A personalised experience

The sessions are intended as an individual experience within a group context rather than a ‘group process’. The work you do in the sessions is only for you...you are encouraged to be inventive and outrageous in your response to the exercises; to interpret and modify them to suit your own needs.

CreativeCore exercises and activities

  • Integrate and shift between different modalities and orientations: primarily writing, drawing, simple construction with textiles and card, body awareness and mindfulness.
  • Often use repetition as a technique within the exercises
  • Often the exercises are time-based in form
  • The rhythm and duration of exercises will vary between sessions
  • Use simple techniques that do not require prior experience or skills – only willingness.
  • Because of the simplicity to the exercises – the value is in what you bring to them and allow them to reveal.
  • Focused on the quality of the experience rather than producing a completed piece of work
  • The themes will span a continuum between personal and ‘formal’ concerns related to the body, creativity, daily living and artistic practice.
  • The themes aim to be open enough for a wide range of personal interpretation so that you can make generate your own significance and meaning from the sessions.
  • Emphasis is on personal insight, activity and integration of meaning – not on quality, skill or experience.
  • Dictated by the space – the modalities and exercises used in a session will partially depend on the environment of each venue and what is appropriate for that space.
  • Shaped by the duration, venue and structure of the specific workshop session.
  • Performed primarily in silence please unless otherwise directed.
  • The group discussion is an opportunity to share your general experience of the session: they are intended to focus primarily on the experience of the ‘form’ of the exercises, using personal content as an example rather than elaborating on the personal details of what surfaced during any particular exercise.

CreativeCore path

The workshops are intended as a safe place to be unsightly in your creative process; it is not a place for judgments or criticism of yourself or others. The CreativeCore workshops are intended to be playful and inspiring overall. The creative process can however, at times, be a messy, ugly path that brings out the worst and most uncomfortable as well as the inspiring. Being able to manage these strong, difficult aspects is part of what these sessions will address but not necessarily as an explicit shared group exercise.

The creative process

The underpinning modalities are outside of a therapeutic model – this is not intended as ‘art therapy’ where focus is placed on the emotional significance that occurs and is revealed within the making process. Here the emphasis is on the methods and attitudes towards the creative process that enable you to consider your emotions and other aspects of yourself in relation to your making.

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torn collage of magenta paper for creative core workshops and services at ryyabread.com